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Main Features

Track your affiliate business in real time 24/7:
Login to your affiliate panel to check Stats, Reports, Clicks, Sales, Traffic, Account Balance and see how your banners and links are performing. 5' instructional video inside!

Weekly Payout Cycle:
Every Friday, on the 4th Friday after the sale. This means that you will only wait 3 weeks for the first payout, then you will be paid every week.

2 Tier Commission Structure:
Earn up to 35% for sales from your referrals and up to 10% for the sales of your sub-affiliates*.

$50 Payout Threshold:
Minimum balance for payout is $50, through PayPal. If you prefer a check, minimum balance is $100.

Multiply your earnings with sub-affiliates You have nothing to lose, sign up now!

*Commission percentages vary with each program, please check each campaign



Increase your website conversions, increase revenue

Increase your website conversions, increase revenue is the best of both worlds, an hybrid chat system, where the front end is the famous ICR, short for Interactive Chat Response system, a virtual Agent that can be trained to chat with visitors. If in any case it does not find the reply, it will alert all live operators online, send an e-mail to the "trainer", just in case no operators are online and will record the unanswered question for further training.
The Live operators can take over any chat at any time or just leave the ICR do its job.
Valuechat is always online, it encourages visitors to enter a conversation, reducing bounce rate and increasing conversions.
Check the website, which offers a free trial until the stable version is in place. Signup and install it in your website, try it!.

  • Earn 40 % of first payment from each new client.
  • Earn 10 % for the life of the subscription of each client.
  • Weekly payout cycle via PayPal every Friday on the 4th Friday after the sale.
  • $50.00 payout threshold if paid via Paypal
  • e-mail, Newsletter, Blog and Forum postings, SEO, PPC, AdNetworks and Distribution are Allowed

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